Copyright Filing – ONLINE

  • Filing Copyright Applications for Literary, Artistic, Musical Works including Lyrics, Compositions and Audio/Video Recordings

Copyright – Prosecution:

  • Drafting and filing reply to Examiner Objections
  • Attending Hearing at Copyright Office

Copyright Licensing and Assignment

  • Agreement drafting and vetting for In-Licensing and Out Licensing
  • Drafting and executing Assignment Deed
  • Registration of Assignment Deed in Copyright Office

Trade Secret Protection

Trade secret refer to proprietary information having commercial application and value. Classic of a trade secret is the formula for soft drink “Coca-Cola” which has been preserved as a family secret, passed from one generation to other.

India at present does not have any law to protect undisclosed information but the matter can be generally covered under the Contract Act, 1872. Normally sought protection is Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA) or a Confidentiality Agreement(CDA).

These documents are all the more important in case of knowledge driven industries for example IT, Pharma or biotechnology where unauthorized disclosure of information can be damaging for the employer.

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