Prior Art search – Invention Patentability Check

  • Basic – US, European and Indian Patent Databases
  • Four Point Search (FPS) – Above Patent databases, published literature (books and journals), commercial information review and also data obtained by field survey.

Global Technology Search Report (GTSR) :

  • Patent Invalidity Searches
  • Patent Family Search
  • Patent Validity Opinions
  • Freedom to Operate Opinions

Patent Filing ONLINE

  • Provisional and complete Patent Applications in India
  • National Phase, PCT and international filings

Patent Prosecution

  • Drafting and filing reply to Examiner Objections
  • Attending Hearing at Patent Office

Patent Opposition

  • Pre and Post Grant Third Party opposition drafting and filing
  • Reply drafting and filing against Pre and Post Grant Third Party opposition

Patent Licensing and Assignment

  • Drafting Non- Disclosure Agreements
  • Drafting Confidentiality Agreements
  • Agreement drafting and vetting for In-Licensing and Out Licensing
  • Drafting and executing Assignment Deed
  • Registration of Assignment Deed in Patent Office

Patent Maintenance

  • Filing regular maintenance fee for granted patents
  • Filing Annual Mandatory "working of invention" forms

Drawings and Illustrations

  • Providing Technical Drawings and Geometrical Illustrations for Patent Filing

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