Our team provides various intellectual property services including patent searches, patent applications, trademark searches, trademark applications, licenses, infringement reviews etc. and also translational research support (through our associates) for converting your innovative ideas into products. We work with most technologies including engineering, life sciences and also software and e-commerce inventions.

  • Independent Inventors & Entrepreneurs- We understand the special needs of independent inventors and entrepreneurs. We not only provide guidance to start-ups but also facilitate funding on case to case basis.
  • Small to Mid-Sized Businesses- We focus our practice on helping small to mid-sized businesses which have different obstacles and goals than large corporations.
  • Responsive. We pride ourselves on promptly responding to client inquiries whether via telephone, letter or e-mail.
  • Empowerment- We empower our clients by disseminating and sharing knowledge of IPR to unleash their creative potential.

Strategic Invention Management

  • Strategy Development: Guiding industry and inventors on proper invention management to maximize revenue generation and also benefit society
  • Funding: Guiding industry and inventors to funding sources for innovations/awards
  • IP Education and Training: Encouraging industry to create rather than copy, to value IP for growth, development and global positioning. Offering specialized services to industry for setting up dedicated IPR and Technology Cell with inhouse staff.
  • Match-making: Commercialization of inventions and patents by ‘match-making’ between industry and inventors. Click here to visit our Unique Initiative - Bank of Patents

Intellectual Property Protection (IPP)

  • Patents, Copyright and Trademark
  • Industrial Design Registration
  • Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits Registration
  • Plant Varieties registration
  • Geographical Indications Registration
  • Trade Secret Protection

Legal Services

  • Licensing: Legal frameworks and documentation to ensure buying and selling of inventions in a fair and honest manner.
  • Due diligence: Vetting of documents
  • Techno-legal documentation:  Preparation of know-how transfer documents, national and international
  • Enforcement: Legal support for enforcement of agreements, litigation of infringement related aspects.

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