We have a client base from all over India as well as abroad. Not everybody can have a personal face to face meeting with us.

So we work through various forms like PIE, Client information Sheets etc. through which we are able to extract the requisite information from you through emails. Our team does not hesitate to call you up for additional understanding if required.

We send you our drafted application in word Format to enable you edit these.

We also send you final edited and vetted applications for final approval.

So we are in constant touch with you though electronic or communication channels, once you hire us.

We file all the applications ONLINE so we also offer emergency filings in cases of deadlines.

Still if you wish to visit us, you are always welcome.

Service Indian Patent Office Fee
Patent Filing
Max Pages: 30
Max Claims: 10
Individual - Rs. 1600/-
Industry - Rs. 8000/-
Additional Fee for additional pages and Claims
TM Filing Individual/MSME - Rs. 4500/-
Large Industry/Trust - Rs. 9000/-
Copyright Filing Literary - Rs. 500/-
Music Recording - Rs. 5000/-
Design Filing Individual - Rs. 1000/-
MSME - Rs. 2000/-
Large Industry/Trust/Joint - Rs. 4000/-


In case of a patent application, you need to pay for filing “ Request for Examination” which has a Government fee of Rs. 4000/- for individuals/Educational Institute and Rs. 20,000/- for large Industry. After the grant, Patent maintenance fee is also to be paid to patent office on regular basis till 20 years. Attorney Fee is charged at every step of Patent prosecution , opposition , grant and maintenance

No additional Govt. fee unless you miss some deadlines for filing various forms.

Expedited Publications and Examination cost additional Fee.


You can hire another attorney at any stage and he/she will file the requisite forms in relevant office to ensure the change to be taken on record.


You can do that in all IP procedures but since there are timelines involved for a smooth run of the show, as an individual handling your IP , you will miss certain deadlines. Sometimes , the missed deadline has no remedy and your Patent or Trade mark application dies a silent death without your knowledge and you keep on waiting for a certificate of grant.

An attorney has his office staff trained to keep watch on time lines , updates you on various issues related to your application , knows legal remedies to keep your IP alive. So the cost of hiring an attorney is worth it.

Please Email us for patent Flow sheet and time line

Trademark Flow Sheet

Your Patent application will get published at 18 months in Indian Patent Office journal. You can request for an early publication by paying additional fee and submitting relevant form to get it published within 2 months . You can file “ Request for Examination” at an early stage without waiting for the deadline of 48 months to put your application in queue.

You can use your Trade Mark even though it is not granted but you can not write a R with it.

TM on the right hand upper corner of your Trade Mark is just an indicative of filing of TM application in India.

TM on the right hand upper corner of your Trade Mark is just an indicative of filing of TM application in India.